Antonino De Simone




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antonino de simone

antonino de simone


Antonino De Simone (1931-2010), as well as an important businessman, was also a patron of the arts and a promoter of the culture of coral in Torre del Greco.

With the six  exhibitions of a project entitled "The routes of coral" about the ethnic jewels in coral and the two "Mirabilia Coralii" about Italian masterpieces in coral, displayed at Banca Di Credito Popolare in Torre del Greco, he meant to reinforce the image of his town as intimately linked to coral and through these events, he encouraged also the knowledge of uses and customs of distant peoples who loved the beautiful red gem.

As a repository of a unique tradition, he played an active role in society by sharing his age-long experience with the whole world, aware of being the keeper of a great tradition he was engaged in an ongoing commitment: spreading the history of coral with its fascinating traditions and uses.

His unique collection of antique ethnic jewellery, opened to public is a proof of his great passion.

He dedicated his life to the defence and the growth of this authentic treasure of Mediterranean culture, which is also a potential vehicle for the development of our territory.




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