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Presents  with red coral. A precious and auspicious gift!


 Antonino De Simone Jewels are all hand-made in our workshop.

The precious bells mounted in gold and diamonds but also in silver are the  artistic  expression of a unique made in Italy craftmanship.

The Antonino De Simone handcrafted jewels are all made by hand by our skilled artisans, with natural elements.


They can be slightly different from the pictures on the web-site, but always extremely beautiful in their uniqueness.

The weight quoted can vary of an approximate 10% .

  • TN2 - Red coral tubolar mametti necklace cm 46 long. Fantasy pendant, cm 4,5 wide with  5 strings 8 cm long. Total weight of gr 48,5.
  • K - White, pink, red coral paperknife, set in 925 silver. Approx. 16 cm long.
  • R - Red coral branches on a rock base starting from gr 5 up.
  • SBN - Red coral bell necklace, cm 1.5, set in silver 925 and zircons, 45cm.
  • SB - Silver bell with coral branch : small - cm 3 x cm 8. Medium : cm 5 x cm 10.
  • PN -  Red coral star pendant, with f.w.pearls, set in 925 silver. Approx 20 gr. Red coral nugget necklace cm 60 long, gr 12.
  • Pink and red coral bells, approx cm 1,5 set in white gold and 0.05ct brilliants. 18kt white gold chain, 42cm, 1 Gr.
  • TBN - 3 bell necklace .Turquoise, pink and red coral set in 18 kt gold and 12 diamonds 0,15ct. (BE) Bell earrings set 18 kt gold and diamonds 0,05ct.
  • BP Red Mediterranean coral branch with 18kt gold choker.
  • FS2 Echinacea purpurea . Unique precious floral sculpture, handmade in silver and coral on a Vesuvius lava rock base.
  • FS1 Tanacetum parthenium. Unique precious floral sculpture, handmade in silver and coral on a Vesuvius lava rock base.
  • Heart shape pendant
  • Necklace with three Heart
  • Two Heart Shape pendants