Antonino De Simone




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registered among the 150 companies

of the National Historic Archive

historic company

historic company


The Antonino De Simone firm was founded in 1830 and since then, the secret of the world of coral and also the name  have been handed down from father to son for more than 180 years.


On June 8th 2011, at Palazzo Colonna in Rome, during the 133rd Meeting of  Unioncamere, the Antonino De Simone company was rewarded among the 150 historic companies of Italy which, for their ultra-centenarian longevity, represent a certainty of growth and success.


The company was registered in the first National Historic Archive of the oldest companies in Italy, which is now available at the following link: click here.


This important award recognizes the tenacity and the ability of a whole family who has managed to pass down through 6 generations from father to son, the passion for this ancient art that has made Torre del Greco famous world-wide.






Photo Antonino De Simone 1931- 2010














Photo Antonino De Simone 1896-1976

















   Photo Antonino De Simone 1856-1931