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of the National Historic Archive




Our mission is ambitious but closely linked to our historical background.

We are eager to continue a business which started 180 years ago and to help to retain the main coral production centre in Torre del Greco.

We do this by focussing on the quality of our jewellery, the production process and product innovation.

We aim to link tradition to innovation, always with an eye on developments in the international marketplace.

We believe that our main strengths are: our product quality, because we only work with real coral whose colour is totally natural and never treated; full product range, based on our long standing experience and knowledge of the taste our customers worldwide, speedy execution of any order; we answer e-mails as fast as we can and thanks to our staff’s teamwork, our comprehensive selection and a bit of intuition, we are able to satisfy reasonable orders in relatively few days, and, last but not least, the warmth and dedication of our staff.


Social Mission:

Being the repository of a unique tradition, we want to play an active role in society, by sharing our age-long experience with all of our visitors.

We are engaged in an ongoing commitment : spreading the history of coral, and its fascinating traditions and uses , offering free, guided tours to our factory, where the coral is still worked with the aid of a good eye, expert and quick hands, a lot of passion and a little assistance from our machinery.

You will be stunned by the view of the unique collection of antique ethnic jewellery, and at last will take you to our showroom, a modern retail space where our most exclusive creations are displayed.

Our aim is to provide our visitors and our customers with a deep knowledge of the world of coral, because we firmly believe that a better - informed customer will feel more confident about his decisions and, most of all, will treasure the memories of his visit as a unique experience.


A visit to our factory, will help you understand how much work goes into completing a beautiful necklace and will also give you the opportunity to see at first hand all the stages and transformations a branch of coral undergoes to become the final product. It reaches us just as it was fished with a dusty vest.

It is washed, cut and slightly rounded and the smallest pieces are shaped according to their final use so beads, cabs , “frange” etc are strung or mounted on earrings, rings , on brooches and pendants..

To know more, come and visit us!