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showroom and retail


The aim of having a showroom is to provide customers with an insight into our world.

They can enjoy the sight of the long and painstaking manufacturing process while also viewing our collections.

These include antique jewellery as well as a display of the most refined and extraordinary creations produced by the skilled hands of our artisans - a true fusion of innovation and tradition.

  • TT 5 strand, red coral tubular torchon, with a rich pendant of red coral nuggets. Set in 925 silver
  • WRN1 5 string torchon: red coral 3,5 mm beads with one woven ring, 50cm long, approx. 44 gr
  • WRN2  Woven ring necklace in red coral, cm 80, gr 110. N. 25 rings. - WE Woven ring earrings, 5 cm,  set in  925 silver
  • C SET Set: red coral earrings, ring and pendant-drop mounted in 18 kt yellow gold and diamonds
  • CP Pendant/brooch in coral, mounted in 18 kt yellow gold, representing an exquisitely-detailed carved coral female bust
  • LFN  Exquisite red coral leaves and flowers necklace and earrings, mounted in 18 kt yellow gold
  • DE  Red coral drop pendant earrings mounted in 18 kt yellow gold
  • 9BBN  Nine strand, 6 mm coral bead torchon, cm 45. Branch-clasp, set in 18 kt yellow gold.
  • NRN  Three strand, coral nugget necklace. Remarkable clasp made from a single piece of coral hand carved as a rose, set in 18 kt yellow gold
  • 5MTN   Five strand, coral twig torchon. Clasp in 18 kt yellow gold
  • SC SET  3 strand salmon colour coral necklace, matching pendant earrings and ring, set in 18 kt yellow gold
  • WC SET Round bead white coral necklace, matching  earrings and bracelet  with  remarcable carved rose clasp, 18kt white gold and diamonds
  • LFP  Pendant/brooch and earrings set. Coral leaves and flowers, mounted in 18 kt  yellow gold
  • RBN  8 mm round bead red coral  necklace, cm 47, set in 18 kt gold and coral clasp
  • MN Coral twig necklace, cm 50,  gr 100
  • CBN  Ten strand red coral necklace with coral branches, 18 kt yellow gold  and diamonds clasp; matching pendant coral earrings

The showroom provides the perfect setting to explore the beauty and superior quality of our products.

News of this development for 2006, although not yet widely advertised, has spreed by the word of mouth of our customers, receiving unanimous approval.

The great success of our showroom is no doubt due to the fact that it combines the charm of the historical and anthropological interest of traditional workmanship with delight in seeing the most exclusive and celebrated creations.