Antonino De Simone




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Tribal collection

Light and elegant new Antonino De Simone collection. A fine jewelry line inspired by African ethnic jewelry. Earrings and pendants of eternal elegance, with a 925 silver or 18kt gold spiral that opens down with stunning red coral drops of Mediterranean or pink Pacific coral.

  •  PTE-S: elegant tribal earrings. Pink Pacific coral and 925silver 8cm. </br></br> PTP-S: elegant tribal pendant. Pink Pacific coral and 925 silver. 8cm.
  • RTE-S: elegant tribal earrings. Red Mediterranean coral and 925 silver .8cm</br></br>RTP-S: elegant tribal pendant .Red ​​Mediterranean coral and 925 silver. 8cm
  • RTE-G -  Elegant tribal earrings.Red Mediterranean coral and 18kt gold</br></br>RTP-G - Elegant pendant.Red Mediterranean coral. 18kt gold.